Next Beginner's Course start :
September 6th, 2019
Practice times:
On Fridays 17:30 and Sundays 17:00
Location :
Kaapelitehdas, Awase's dojo
Duration :
Three months
Price :
40 euros
Grading :
December 2019
Age limit :
18 years

The essence of the Shotokai-style is movement. The point of the practice is not so much the repetitious practice of singular details but to develope a usable body. This takes concentration and knowing your own body. The style does not include any competitions.

During the course exercises are done individually and in pairs, and skills acquired during it enable participants to safely practice together with more advanced trainers after the course.

Take loose exercise clothing with you already to the first practice. A karate uniform (gi) is not obligatory during the beginner's course. You don't necessarily have to be in particularly good condition as you'll improve your conditioning during the course. You can train first two weeks for free before you need to pay.

There are no locks in changing rooms in UniDojo or Kaapli, so it is advised to bring your own padlock. It is also advisable to take your valuables to training hall during the practices. You also need sandals in order to walk with clean feet from changing room to training hall.

Please note that you must be over 18 years old to practice in our club. Our club does not have any insurance taken, so you need to have your own.

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More information

Dojo etiquette contains more information about how to train our art.

You can send email to course instructors at .

Beginner's Course Programme

  • basic movement
  • basic punches and kicks
  • basic blocks
  • how to avoid punches and kicks
  • how to fall properly (ukemis)
  • form practices (kata)
  • controlling techiques in brief